Besides the continuous improvement of our core business, the railway transport,
we are developing within the supply chain of our customers new technologies like GPS tracking and tracing of our trains (also available for our customers via a web portal) and integration of the IT-systems via EDI connections. The focus is the improvement of the total supply chain of our customers and their clients.

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December, 2010              Founding of LOCON BENELUX B.V..
April 1st, 2011                 Obtaining of the Dutch Railway License.
April 2nd, 2011                 First train operated from Venlo to Vlissingen.
May 15th, 2012                 Prolongation of the Dutch Railway License by the maximum of 5 years.
May 15th, 2012                 Obtaining of the Dutch Railway License for passenger transport.
August 3rd, 2012              First passenger train operated from Utrecht to Emmerich.

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About Us

LOCON BENELUX B.V. was founded in December 2010 by LOCON AG and Haetberting B.V..
The corporate headquarter is located in Zwolle, The Netherlands.
In April 2011 LOCON BENELUX B.V. obtained its Dutch railway license.
On April 2nd the operation was started with the first train from Venlo to
The company expects to receive the Belgian railway license by the end of 2012.
Since the start of the company LOCON BENELUX B.V. has shown a remarkable growth and development serving almost all parts of The Netherlands on a daily basis as well as a number of cross-border destinations.

Map: Domestic Network LOCON BENELUX B.V.

LOCON BENELUX B.V. does not only focus on international and long distance transports, but also offers railway transportation within The Netherlands and
as of next year in Belgium as a reliable and flexible alternative to other transport modalities. On a daily basis we prove this to our current customers. Important principle of LOCON BENELUX B.V. is to maximize the use of Electrical Locomotives in order to improve the Carbon Footprint of our customers.